The Keys to Success series

Founders and retailers discuss key insights in merchandising to succeed in the grocery, convenience, and mass market aisles. 

The Speakers

Ayeshah Abuelhiga, CEO Mason Dixie Foods

Ayeshah Abuelhiga, Founder & CEO Mason Dixie Foods

Mark Samuel, CEO Iwon Organics

Mark Samuel, Founder & CEO Iwon Organics

Tina Adolfsson, VP of Marketing,

Tina Adolfsson, Data Innovation Lead,

Jordan Buckner, CEO Foodbevy

Jordan Buckner, Founder, Foodbevy

chosen food"[Survey has helped] us maintain the brand as we grow. Especially in our industry, consistency, and execution are key. Survey’s responsiveness and flexibility are great and their dedication to partnership means everything.”

Robin Burgin
Brand Manager, Chosen Foods

Keri Kaplan
Associate Brand Manager, Chosen Foods