The Discovery Series

Highlights of on & off-line marketing tactics that connect with your audience, with founders and creative directors.

The Speakers

Marlo Fogelman Founder & CEO, marlo marketing DS3

Marlo Fogelman Founder & CEO Marlo Marketing

Fred Hart Partner & Creative Director, Interact Boulder DS3

Fred Hart Partner & Creative Director Interact Boulder

Alex Bayer Founder & CEO, Genius Juice DS3

Alex Bayer, Founder & CEO, Genius Juice

Johnny Fayad Co-founder & CEO, Eat Your Coffee DS3

Johnny Fayad, Co-founder & CEO, Eat Your Coffee

Steve Mair"Retailer conditions change regularly, so it's key to have people in-store reviewing and remerchandising product displays on a regular basis and identifying in-store execution issues. Survey identified the highest-volume locations for weekly continuity coverage and maintenance of our product displays. Through data and image reporting from Survey, we are able to quickly identify and address issues."

Steve Mair
Director of Sales, Califa Farms